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There’s no perfect parenting method, skincare secret, lifestyle guru, or magic bullet to a transformed life.
But there are proven, research-backed ways to elevate your marriage, motherhood, and mindset – no matter what's happened in the past or how implausible your hopes for the future seem at this moment in time.

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As a mama you have a unique way of approaching marriage, motherhood, and mindset. It’s called your Mama Personality Type.

 Knowing your type, you can:

❥  Stop the cycle of insecurity, fear, and unhappiness.

❥  Start upgrading your life with fresh clarity, unshakeable confidence, deeply rooted soul level connection, and wholehearted joy.

It's 100% free – you get closer to your most soulfull life in just 11 questions!

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When it comes to uplifting experiences, nothing compares to the safe space and loving connection that is your one-on-one time with Dr. Sue.

Because whatever you're facing, you don't have to overcome it alone. In just one focused hour you can tap into your own innate wisdom, gain valuable insight, and walk away feeling better with tangible steps to move forward.

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"This is the real deal. I was in a pattern of self-sabotage, starting and stopping with every new roadblock. Now I’m looking at life and challenges through a different lens."

– S T E P H A N I E

"I was struggling, unfulfilled, and searching for a new vision for my second half of life. Now my spirit feels light and free. I can see life's beauty, and it fills me with joy."

– B R A N D I

"It was frustrating to repeat the same thought patterns and feel so stuck. Now I've gained a deeper, incredibly valuable understanding of myself. I'm moving forward."

– L E S L I E

Hey, mama!

I'm Dr. Sue.

I’m an expert at midlife transformations, mother to three astoundingly awesome daughters, wife to my hot AF husband (gray hair and reading glasses included), doctor of pediatrics, and absolutely obsessed with showing mamas how to tap into innate wisdom so life becomes less, “Who forgot to unload the dishwasher?” and more, "Life's so good, I'm legit excited to get up and start the next day!" So, choose your first step today and I'll see you real soon!

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