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A Life Lesson I'm Learning to Treasure dr. sue life mindset self-care


You, like me, might have the habit of giving yourself a hard time. Especially when it comes to all the things you haven't done yet. On the flip side, you might totally ignore the things you are doing by not giving yourself any credit, praise, or celebration.

If that’s where...

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My Beautiful, Unexpected Path to Faith authenticity dr. sue life spiritual sparkle

Ever feel like you're just going through the motions at church?

Like, when the pew feels more like a time-out chair than a gateway to divine connection?

I’ve been there. Recently, while volunteering in the Sunday School classroom – paintbrush in hand, colors swirling, – I was...

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How My Failure to Be Super Mom Is One of the Best Things That Ever Happened to My Kids authenticity dr. sue life motherhood

Confession: I’m a recovering perfectionist, for sure.

Back in third grade, my penmanship was so neat the teacher excused me from cursive lessons. Now? Even my family can barely read my messages. (Unless I text them! )

In my beginning days as a Mom, I would even fake enjoyment of cooking and...

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8 Ways to Embrace Love and Let Go of Goal Pressure mindset self-care work-life balance

So often, you're taught to push push PUSH yourself forward, even when it hurts, it's hard, or you're just plain exhausted.

Yes, sometimes pushing through is necessary — caring for a newborn, acing medical school, downing your drink before the absentminded waiter returns to ask if you’d...

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How To Embrace Life's Unexpected Endings dr. sue life mindset self-care

Oh, life, why can’t you just stick to the script? Like, hello? Is it too much to ask for a little more 'happily ever after' every now and then?

Despite my daughter’s heads-up to avoid the "One Day” show on Netflix, curiosity got the better of me, and yep, I watched it. And, boy,...

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Unlock Joy & Clarity: Join the Soulfull Insights Tribe! coaching dr. sue life midlife

Picture this: I'm sipping on this incredible golden turmeric latte, chatting with a friend who's just as passionate about supporting moms as I am. 
Suddenly, we hit this incredible moment — the universe aligned, and we were onto something huge. You know, one of those moments that's so...

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